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Achieve agile, strategic HR

Organizations today face increased pressure and complexity from the toughest human capital management disruptions the marketplace has ever seen. Globalization, technology, social and mobile, skill and labor shortages, compliance, and economics are all creating unique challenges that demand your attention and have the potential to influence your profitability.

In this environment it is even more crucial to consistently connect, engage, and equip your people, while positioning your HR initiatives to drive your organization's bottom line results.

Innovative leaders are transforming business with powerful HCM tools that focus on key business drivers and ROI by:

-Connecting people, HR systems, and business goals
-Producing a higher rate of return on people
-Generating predictive insight for better decisions
-Developing a more agile, effective business

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Talent selection made simple

Hiring managers at New York & Company, a 500-store fashion retailer, gain a larger candidate pool, onboarding insight, and employee development tools perfected through years of experience and partnership with major US and global retailers. "Easy, intuitive, and seamless" are words Melissa DeCew, Director-Talent Management, uses to describe the implementation process with Infor Talent Science.


New York & Company:
Combining retail expertise in HCM

HR Solutions

There are numerous aspects to managing success in your corporation and within the HR function. Human capital management requires your understanding of continually shifting factors. So, finding solutions that are flexible and able to bend with your changing priorities can be valuable. Below are six key solution areas for today's modern HR.


Talent Acquisition

Your acquisition success depends on a new understanding of how candidates want to communicate and how you can efficiently transform your time-to-hire.

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Performance Management

Performance is a key business consideration. Employee effectiveness increases in a work setting that encourages best performance and helps drive business outcomes.

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Compliance is especially important for HR. Navigating risk through changing and increasing workforce regulations makes HR compliance an ongoing challenge.

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Talent Development

More and more, business leadership is spotlighting talent development as a vital component of business success, differentiation, and filling skill gaps.

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Streamlining HR

HR has changed. Now tasked with overseeing a wider scope of activities and building competitive advantage, it can be hard to find easy-to-use and adaptable solutions.



Talent Analytics

The HCM marketplace is learning to leverage big data for valuable business insight. The key is knowing how to find and analyze the information to make more informed and effective decisions.

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Our No. 1 priority was to implement a centrally governed system. Infor HR Service Delivery provided a personalized HR portal to drive employee and manager self-service. Our survey results show employees were very satisfied. 

Anne Paterra Senior Director, HR Shared ServicesKellogg Company

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Industry Specialization

Every industry has unique HCM needs that, when addressed with the most effective solutions, can be alleviated and help establish workforce quality as a competitive advantage. The industry profiles below highlight how leaders in your industry are harnessing the power of HCM software solutions to integrate processes into a single tool, increase savings, reduce labor hours, and elevate the productivity of the workforce.

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  • Icon Public Sector
  • Icon Hospitality
  • Icon Financial Services
  • Icon Manufacturing
  • Icon Services


Driving quality care

Healthcare organizations like yours face unique human capital challenges, such as rising labor costs, a shortage of skilled labor, changing regulations, and turnover of highly trained personnel. We partner with hospitals, healthcare systems, and extended care providers to deliver adaptable human capital solutions that support your need to provide quality patient care.

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Strategic HCM helps healthcare leaders:

  • Find quality talent to drive quality care
  • Reduce errors and increase accuracy
  • Increase number of patients cared for
  • Adjust to marketplace and regulation changes
  • Decrease turnover and loss of critical knowledge

Public Sector

Providing elevated community services

The public sector is facing new and challenging issues. Budget cuts, hiring freezes, and a decrease in available skills all add pressure while new public expectations of services and financial accountability expand. We help local and state governments, education stakeholders, and others in the public sector reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and plan ahead.

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HCM for the public sector supports:

  • The ability to tailor solutions across units
  • More visibility into labor issues and costs
  • Compliance with labor laws and regulations
  • Greater workforce efficiency through technology


Creating brand experiences

Guest experience is a primary driver of traveler choice for hospitality providers. And great service comes from great people that allow hospitality companies to cut costs and maximize revenue potential. We help hotels, resorts, casinos, and other related enterprises produce results that drive revenue through informed workforce decisions, reduced turnover, improved performance, and reduced operating costs.

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HCM for hospitality helps:

  • Control payroll and manage various roles
  • Attract and retain service-driven talent
  • Increase net room revenue and profit per room
  • Identify and correct unproductive activity
  • Maintain compliance with employment laws

Financial Services

Managing reform and change

Financial institutions in banking and securities, investment management, insurance, and other related areas are working to control costs and evaluate restructuring across the organization. Regulatory reform, rising competition, and growing stakeholder expectations in the financial services marketplace have prompted institutions to reconsider how they approach business, operations, and talent.

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Optimizing the workforce in financial services aids:

  • Compliance in response to changing reform
  • Insight for better strategic decisions
  • Cost reduction with acquisition and retention
  • Service and loyalty from skilled talent
  • Lower expense ratios through efficiency


Improving business margins with talent

To stay competitive in the manufacturing industry, leaders must efficiently manage plant operations while understanding customers' changing demands. What if you could build better relationships with your extended supply chain? And what if you could reduce costs and increase capacity while delivering higher-quality products with a stronger workforce? Save time, labor, and money while growing your company with new solutions designed specifically for manufacturing.

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HCM support for manufacturing includes:

  • Developing talent to support business goals
  • Controlling labor costs, payroll, and scheduling
  • Forecasting business and talent needs
  • Compliance with safety issues and other regulations
  • Utilizing global, connected systems


Optimizing talent for service

The services industry is dependent on consistent service and today's customer is more informed and expects faster deliveries of complex requests at lower costs. Understanding talent capabilities and matching labor to demand with the right people at the right time are essential to success. HCM solutions support your need for a complete view of the workforce.

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With HCM services companies can:

  • Optimize talent and time to productivity
  • Align the workforce with business demand
  • Decrease cost of goods and services
  • Generate greater recurring revenue
  • Empower employees to better perform

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